Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Stopped Time

Stopped Time
Time goes forward, back, and stays in the present.

But how does time stop?

Thank you Joshua for your submission!

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22 guesses to Stopped Time

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  • Fulgour

    One day (easy does it) at a time.

  • Margot

    Here’s an answer: Time “stops” between when you see a bell ring in a tower some distance away, and when you hear the sound of it; or when you see an orchestra play a final chord, all bows synchronized, and hear that chord a second later…you’re in the balcony where the cheaper seats are. It’s more like no time.

  • Crabman

    Time stops when you reach “c”, or the speed of light. A photon experiences 0 time dilation from the “moment” it’s emitted until the moment it’s absorbed, even if that is13 billion years later for an observer.

    But it’s a word riddle, so this probably isn’t the desired answer.

  • Sorry, it is simpler than all of that.
    Keep trying!

  • Fulgour

    Einstein puts it in his pipe and smokes it!

  • Craig

    Time stopped on my watch. When I put a new battery In it, time started again.

  • KDJstyle

    It doesnt. Trick question. My best guess

  • KDJstyle

    Or a stopwatch.

  • Crystal

    time stops when you die

  • Crabman

    Dark Side of the Moon was always a favorite album. The forth track is “Time”. It stops when the song is over, or I close the app that is playing it.

  • Crabman

    When the battery in the clock/watch dies, or when the power goes out.

  • time is a cats name so if it stops time stops

  • Ellie

    When the inevitable heat death of the universe occurs, all motion (ALL motion) will cease. At this point, time will have no meaning, so you could say it has stopped. But like Crabman said, this is a word riddle, so… eh. My two cents.

  • Mohanasundar N

    You said that Time goes forward, back, and stays in the present. That means it always stops at present time.

  • Frank

    Time stops just before time start

  • Fulgour

    NOW. Time begins and stops NOW.

  • A

    time stops at e because it is the last letter of time.

  • Fulgour

    Betty goes forward, back, and stays in the present.

    But how does Betty stop?

    ANSWER: She doesn’t — so get in line. Your time will come.

  • Matthew

    The clock breaks.

  • Matt

    It gets caught up.

  • Matthew, you are the closest to Joshua’s answer so you are the winner!
    When the clock stops ticking

  • Zoro

    technically the clock never moves, it stays in one place. However, its hands move slightly all the time through gear. So the real question that needs to be asked is what the clock is moving in relation to something. An example is that the clock is still in relation to the table it’s sitting on, and another would be that the clock’s hands would be moving in relation to the still clock that never moves or the body of the clock that never moves.