Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Stranger in the Car

Late one evening, a man and his wife were driving their car down a country road. The car spun off the road and hit a tree, rendering it no longer drivable.

The man decided to seek help at a garage a few miles away and decided to hoof it. He made sure his wife was ok, then rolled all the windows up, and locked all of the doors, so she would be safe while he was gone.

When he returned, his wife was dead, and there was someone in the car he had never seen before. No physical damage was done to the car, and it was still locked.

How did the woman die and where did the stranger come from?

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7 guesses to Stranger in the Car

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  • Ice Princess

    The wife gave birth in the car, and then died while doing so. The baby was a “stranger” to the father, ass obviously he had never really seen him before.

  • Dude

    Correct, Ice.

    You’re today’s winner.

  • gabe

    the stranger is a baby because the wife died of giving birth and also the wife was pregnant

  • Tyler Butt

    The stranger was in the car the whole time, before they started driving.

  • Jigme Thinley Dorji

    The stranger was the baby?

  • Lila

    The wife gave birth to a baby boy.

  • i think that the cay killed the wife and then turned into a human :0