Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

The famous Bus Riddle

Which direction is the bus headed, left or right? It’s just that simple.

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7 guesses to The famous Bus Riddle

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  • to the left, or maybe to the right.sepende who you ask.

  • det

    depends on where you live,
    UK, Japan, India, Australia etc..: right
    rest of the world (with normal people :) ): left

  • Both of you are so close …. Not!

    Look at the picture, put your thinking caps on and try again.

  • det

    I don’t know what’s the problem with my solution.
    In the UK, Japan, India, Australia etc.. the door is on the left side, so if I see the bus without door it means that it heads right.
    If I’m in a country with right hand traffic the door of the bus is on the right side, so the bus go left.

  • You’re correct!

    It all has to do with the fact that you cannot see the door. The door, therefore, is on the other side so the bus is headed to the left.

    Det, you are correct that if the bus were located in a country or region where traffic is reversed, then it would be headed the other way. The fact that you didn’t mention the “door” is why your first answer was incomplete. The key to the riddle is that you can’t see the door.

    Great job! You’re today’s winner.

  • Left because you can not see the door

  • Harshad Sapatnekar

    The Bus is heading towards you.The Figure indicates backside of Bus with 3 windows and Heads of 2 Passangers sitting facing towards you.

    Harshad Sapatnekar.