Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
September 2021

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6 guesses to The Old Miner

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  • Howard Lyon

    he must first light the match before he may pick from the choices given. It is devious to omit the match from the list. To answer the question you have to look for the unstated variable

    Sorta like the old riddle:

    What weighs a thousand pounds, has a grey wrinkly skin, big ears, a trunk and two teeny yellow wings?

    Answer: An elephant. I lied about the teeny yellow wings.

    I would never ask this riddle without a clear route to safety for myself. You can get hurt otherwise!


  • Togram

    I think he has to wake up from his nightmare, pull the covers back over his shivering body, maybe after going into his kitchen to get a banana or make hot chocolate, put on flannel p.j.s and crawl back in bed.

  • Bre Bro

    the fire
    the fire can
    A:light up the cave
    B:cook the bird
    and C: give him warmth

  • Teecee

    The proper riddle is, what does he light first?

  • Paxton

    Assuming the miner can succesfully light it, the fire does everything the other two can do, and can be used to then light the others.

    In reality he needs to light the match itself first.

  • robert cg

    he lights the match but i’ve heard it before