Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
February 2024

The Ship That Went No Further

The Ship That Went No Further
Theres a ship and it gets into distress 10 miles from shore and CANNOT GO ANY FURTHER. Nobody on board is a very good swimmer and there are no life-boats on the ship. The entire crew of 5 people makes it safely to shore BY the end of the next day without being rescued or assisted by anyone else. There are no bridges, pipes, or any man made structures connecting the boat to the shore. There are no islands between the ship and the shore.

How did the crew do it???

Thank you Zack for your submission!

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5 guesses to The Ship That Went No Further

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  • Raymond Madden

    Being so close to the shore, the ship was safely brought in by the tide.

  • Brent

    Maybe they walked to shore on the ice?

  • Togram

    The ship was frozen in the ice, and all walked o safety over the ice…..

  • Keith

    They waited for low tide and walked to shore

  • Brent, you are the winner!
    The ship was sailing through frozen waters when it got stuck in the ice sheet and could not proceed. The crew walked over the ice sheet the remaining distance to the shore.