Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
July 2024


There are 2 trains heading on the same track at 7:00 on Saturday. They are heading towards each other.

How do they not crash into each other?

Thanks Brennan for your submission!

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18 guesses to Trains!!!

  • Howard Lyon

    The trains are in the future on the equatorial track They start off back to back. At ten hours average time to cross a time zone, they are safe 120 hours. 120 hours is five days … and since they’ve been across each line of longitude, there’s no reason to go farther, so they park and do not collide. Presumably locomotives will be removed for maintenance and fresh locomotives will be attached to what was the back end of the trains and they’ll return to the start. I assume this works for both a freight train, or a passenger train, because in the future COVID-19 is still rampant and the depressed passengers would not care which direction their seats face. Smile!

  • Togram

    Can’t answer this one easily because of the ambiguity of the word, “heading”; does it mean they’re moving toward each other, or parked? One answer could be that one is moving toward it’s destination, while the other one is at the roundhouse , being positioned for it’s next run, and will be moved further along to be put on a different track.

    Another scenario could be that one train was on the wrong track, became disabled and when it was discovered, the train going in the right direction pushed the other one back to the train yard

  • Max

    Assuming heading towards each other refers only to the relevant direction on the track which the trains go, then a simple solution could be that both trains are on the same track at 7:00 on Saturday, but on different Saturdays? Eg one is scheduled to be on a Saturday a week after the other.

  • Zalman Berman

    there’s one of those transition places where the tracks split for a bit?

  • Max

    They are coupling together to form a longer single train that then continues on its journey?

  • Conrad Chaffee

    One’s traveling at 7am, the other at 7pm.

  • Caleb Chaffee

    They stop.

  • Duchess

    One is operating in the morning, the other evening.

  • Brennan

    Heyo, got it yet?

  • Qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;’zxcvbnm,./

    One is at 7 pm one is at 7 am

  • Purvi Trivedi

    “Heading towards each other” maybe in the sense that they are not moving towards each other, they are just faced towards each otherd

  • chris d.

    One train is leaving at 7 am and the other is leaving at 7 pm.


    They are in different time zones.

    Either way one train arrives and is out of the way of the other.

  • Charlene

    Only 7:00 is stated, there is no designation as to am or pm. My guess is that one train is on the track at 7am and the other one is at 7pm

  • Uday

    7:00 may be in the morning or evening hours

  • Mayukh

    The line curved long before collision.

  • Gustavo Pinto

    One is going at 7:00PM and the other is going at 7:00AM

  • Eva

    They are both going to their destination or one went on the opposite track or they are in different cities but are going the same city name