Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Truth Town

A man trying to travel to truth town stops at a fork in the road. He knows one of them leads to liar town, and the other to Truth Town. All people from truth town tell the truth, and people from liar town all lie. There is a citizen in the fork, but the man doesn’t know if the citizen is from Liar town or Truth town. by only saying one thing, how can he get the citizen to take the man to truth town?

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40 guesses to Truth Town

  • Paul

    “Which fork to Truth Town.” The liar would point toward Liar Town and the honest citizen would point toward Truth Town.

  • So how would you know which way to go?

    That’s not the answer we’re looking for.

    Keep trying.

  • Roolstar

    Please take me to your town…

    A Truth town citizen would take him to Truth town
    A Liar town citizen would take him to Truth town as well

  • Bingo!

    “Show me where you live.” (or there abouts).
    You nailed it, Rool.
    You’re today’s winner.

  • navya


  • DaNeitrah

    Am I am male or a female? I would know if this person is a liar right away.

  • Nicholas Shepherd

    Ask the citizen which way is the way to truth town and he will tell you the way to truth town because if he was from liar town he would have to tell you a lie and lead you to truth and if he lead you to liar town that would be telling the truth so he has to lie and take you to truth town

  • Max

    He said take me to your town.

  • TyBry

    Surely if you ask them “Show me where you live” or “take me to your town” you wouldn’t be any wiser as too whether you’re in truth town or liar town? Since he hasn’t lied to you or told you the truth…He has just shown you which town he lives in…

    The riddle assumes he lies with his actions as well? Which isn’t lieing, it’s just misleading. A liar can take you to their house because you don’t need to lie about where you live – so you could end up in liar town because he doesn’t even need to speak to take you there! So you need to deduce whether he is a liar or not by asking him a question; it’s the only reasonable way of finding out.

  • If I ask you if this way is truth town will you say yes?

  • wilson

    Which way are you from?

  • gautam

    ill ask one of the villagers that what would the other villager(of the other village) say if i asked him which is the village of honest people.if

  • Carl

    ”Take me to your home town”

  • Ellie

    Either “Where do you live” or “What would you say if I asked you if this is the way to truth town?” For the latter form: the sentence constructs a double lie, so the liar will tell the truth.

  • potato

    are you from the right side of toen?

  • Jess

    He could say “good morning”. If the man says good morning back, and it is morning, you know he’s from truth town. If the man says good evening or good afternoon and it is really morning, you know he’s from liar town.

  • Edwin Horan

    do you know the way to the villag

  • ankur

    am I a stranger to u.
    the truth citizen will say yes and I will follow him.
    the liar citizen will say no as even if I am a stranger to him he will lie.So I would take the opposite direction.

  • Jun

    “If i were to ask you if that was truth town what would you say?” if it was the truth person would say yes and the lair would also say yes since he would have told a lie and said no he would lie about that and say yes instead.

  • Tyler Wallin

    You ask the person wich town is YOUR town? We did this one in advanced math in school

  • thomas

    which town are you from

  • You go the other way because both would lead you to the lie Town

  • Andy

    If I asked you yesterday which way was the truth town, which way would tell me?

  • RockStar

    Which road leads to the town you live in?

  • harshit shukla

    I would ask him “which way to ur town?”
    As the truth towner will take me with him as they speak true and liar would say lie and take me to truth town as well.

  • sami

    he should ask, “what is you village” as if he was from liar he would point to the truth village, if he was truth he would point to the truth village, so he will com with the same outcome, getting him to where he wants

  • O'Neil

    The riddle says they “tell” the truth or tell lies. So don’t ASK a question GIVE an instruction. So say “take me to Truth town”. The riddle doesn’t speak to honesty or dishonesty regarding “actions” so theoretically he should do as he’s told as you haven’t given him the opportunity to speak.

  • Gsgdhsbsbjsja

    You ask him to point to the town he’s from. The liar will point to truth town, and the truthful person will point to truth town

  • Danny Louis David

    “which way will the other citizen point to if I asked the way to truth town?”

    I will take the other way contrary to the response I get.
    Because the answer they give is always a lie.

  • Dan

    I give up. How DO I get the citizen to take me to the truth village?

  • Tania Aker

    Does everyone tell the truth in Truth Town?

  • D

    What’s the weather like today?

  • Austin Cooke

    Ask him to show you where he lives

  • Katherine Mclemore

    What color is your hair?

  • Tegan

    Take me to your town.

  • Paul H

    Of the 2 possibilities: A. “You are a liar” and, B. “The left road goes to truth town”, is ONE and ONLY ONE of those possibilities correct?

    If the answer is “YES”, the road on the left indeed goes to Truth Town – if the answer is “NO”, the road on the right does.

  • I would ask “If I had asked you which road is the path to Truth Town, to which road would you have pointed?” If I had encountered the liar he would point to Truth town. By posing the inquiry in hypothetical form in the past tense; I would be forcing the liar to point to Truth town. The liar would have previously pointed to liar town because he always lies. But now, because he would have previously pointed to Liar town, he has to lie again and point to Truth Town. If, however, I had asked the same question to the truth telling citizen – he would have pointed to the same path consistently.

  • Can you show me where you live?

  • Kerri

    In our class, we decided that there is no question. If you ask “Show me where you live” or “Which way are you from?”, the person can answer “I don’t know” which is a lie but they are supposed lie.

    We know you cannot use yes or no questions, like ‘Can you point to where you are from’, we tried those too.

    So we think there is no answer that would work.

    What do you think?