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April 2024

Volkswagen Beetle Riddle

Volkswagen Beetle Riddle

Two years ago, a man offered to sell his classic Volkswagen Beetle to a car dealership for $7000, but they declined to buy it. A year later the seller offered the same car for $6000, but again the car dealer decided not to purchase it. A few months later the man offered the Beetle for $5142.85, but yet again the car dealership refused to buy it. Yesterday, the car was offered for $4,408.16. The dealer still did not want to purchase the car.

If the owner offers the car for sale again, and he maintains a consistent reduction, how much will the offer be?

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5 guesses to Volkswagen Beetle Riddle

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  • brent


    Each price is 6/7 (or 58.71%) of the previous price.

  • Brent is today’s winner!
    The car will be offered for $3778.42. The car was reduced by 6/7 of its price each time. The numbers are rounded off, so your answer may vary by a few pennies.

  • Ron

    Answer is actually 85.71%

  • brent

    Thanks Ron, I’m either a little bit dyslexic – or more likely just careless!


  • Marcus A.