Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Walk in the Park

A woman and her husband frequently go walking together. On this day, like most others, they walked side by side, one never getting ahead of the other. In fact, they held hands, or could have held hands the entire time. So, they walk side by each, as certain people say, for an hour. At the end of the hour, the woman says, boy, that felt good. I think I walked four miles. The husband says, oh, I walked much farther than that. I’m sure I walked five. The question is, how could that be?

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4 guesses to Walk in the Park

  • Rool

    If they were walking in a circle for an hour, with the man on the outside cicle and these circles being 2 feet apart (for them to be able to be holding hands the entire time). He would’ve walked a longer distance than she did.

    A- R1 – R2 = 2 feet

    But in order for the difference to be 1 mile (with 5miles for the man and 4 for the woman), the radiuses of these 2 circles have to be in a 5/4 ratio.

    B- R1/R2 = 5/4

    The man’s circle 10 feet and that of the woman would be 8 feet!

    That would be a crazy walk for one hour but that should do the trick! Dizziness is just a side effect here.

  • Dude

    Wow Rool, great answer. It’s not the one we were looking for, though. The answer is actually much simpler but great try!!!

  • Rool

    Simpler answer 1: They could be walking close to a black hole where the space is distorted (compressed). The man has to be closer to the black hole in order to walk a longer distance than the woman.

    Simpler answer 2: They are on 2 different trade mills in the gym. With different difficulty settings (faster for the man as usual)

    Can’t decide which one is simpler though :)

  • Dude

    You got it, Rool!
    They are on treadmills. Walking side by side on two adjacent treadmills.
    You’re today’s winner!!!

    (did the title of the riddle throw you off?)