Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

What a Jam

Mary was making apricot jam. She put all the apricots in the pot and stirred them up. Then she remembered she had to add 1 ounce of lemon juice for every two apricots. How did she figure out how much lemon juice to put.

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5 guesses to What a Jam

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  • Chris

    Lets say she had 12 apricots, if you divide that by two you get 6 ounces of lemon juice to put in the pot. If she had an odd number of apricots she would have to take one out of the equation (not the pot) and divide the rest by two to get her answer than add half an ounce to make up for the remaining apricot

  • Julie

    One ounce of lemon juice for every two pits.

  • Rool

    I think the problem here would be to determine how many apricots she put at the beginning, right?

    Solution 1 : She may have put only 4 or 5 apricots, so it’s easy for her to remember that

    Solution 2: She may have had to put something else in before the lemon juice (say sugar for example), something that also related to the number of apricots and she already counted them before for that.

    Solution 3: She may have bought a defined number of apricots from the start.

    Solution 4: Stirring them up in the pot does not necessarilly mean it’s a melting pot already, the apricots may still be easy to seperate and count.

  • Rool

    Or she can be “rainman”…

  • Dude

    Julie you have the correct answer!!!

    The simple answer we were looking for, “How to determine the amount of apricots she’d already put in, assuming it was a whole bunch and she didn’t remember,” is to COUNT THE PITS.

    You are today’s winner!!!

    Lots of great answers, though.