Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

What Hump?

“In qualifying for a camel trophy off-road race, potential drivers and their teammates were told that they had to traverse a course in as close a time as their partners without the use of timepieces, like clocks and watches, etc.


“For example, the first man of the two-man team would drive the course. Through the woods, over bridges, through streams, and then return to the starting point and give his truck to his partner, who would then drive the same course and try to finish it in as close to the time of his partner. So, if the partner finished in, say, four minutes and 25 seconds, the other guy would try to duplicate that.


“But how could he do that without the use of any kind of clock or timepiece? How could he possibly finish in the same time?”

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2 guesses to What Hump?

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  • Rob W

    Does the answer involve the use of the sun? Would the first driver set off when the shadow of the truck is directly behind him, and get make sure he got back at the shadow, with the second driver copying it?

  • CJS

    Both drivers agreed to each drive the same speed through the whole race.