Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
December 2023

What’s the Cargo?

Back in the day of tall ships, there was an ordinary cargo which, if not stowed properly, could sink the ship in minutes and without warning. What was the cargo?

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8 guesses to What’s the Cargo?

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  • Paul

    Back in the day, shipping companies considered passengers as cargo (Titantic). “Ordinary” I suppose it would depend on one’s disposition. And “stowed properly” would mean the guys where at one of the pubs/lounges and the women were knitting or playing bridge.

    Much like an anouncement over a PA system today of a sighting of George Clooney, in part because I can’t think of a cross-gender example, plus back in the day most of us guys would have bolted as fast as the women, it would go something like, “The Beatles are now performing live starboard on the Lido deck!”

  • A creative answer but wrong nonetheless! This is an actual commodity we’re looking for. Not a trick answer at all. Keep trying.

  • Dude

    nope, keep trying.

  • john

    wool, or a cargo that could swell when it met water, such as rice.”

  • Dude

    You’re right, John. The answer is RICE.

    You’re today’s winner.

  • sab

    how come I look so weird!