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May 2024

Which Direction?

There is a room with four doors, one at each corner of the area. The doors are marked: North, South, East and West. Those inside the room are very confused as to how they got there. It seems like they just awoke from a bad dream and now, here they are. The room has a Cowboy, an Indian and an eight-foot man with a pet Bald Eagle on his shoulder. Somehow they are aware that they must enter one of the four doors to make it home safely. But which one is the correct door?

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16 guesses to Which Direction?

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  • anant

    Can’t they send the eagle to find out?

  • LOL Anant, great idea!

    But seriously, they will instinctively know which door is correct.

    Keep trying.

  • Ryver

    West cause they’re from ye old west?

  • Adorkable Heart

    How can there be doors in the corner?

  • Bob

    The man with the eagle goes east, the cowboy goes west and the Indian goes north.

  • Dude

    None are correct, keep trying.

    Hint: They all go in the same direction.

  • Crabman

    I know they go south. I’ll tell you how I know that if you tell me A) Why is this not in the unanswered section, and B) How can they trust that the doors are marked correctly?

  • This one is a problem for me because Joey, the idea guy behind this site passed away last year. Some of the old riddles only Joey knew the answer. I was the web designer half but I still enjoy the site enough to keep it going. I honestly don’t know the answer here or why they would go south Crabman.

  • Crabman

    Im sorry to hear about Joey. I just got here a few days ago and have enjoyed all the riddles.

    On April 8, 2014 at 6:48 AM, Bob wrote:
    “The man with the eagle goes east, the cowboy goes west and the Indian goes north.”

    Below that Dude responded “None are correct” and indicated they all went the same direction, so through elimination I thought they all went “south”. However, in retrospect he likely meant “none of the multiple answers above are correct”. So although Bob’s answer was wrong they still could have all went any of the 4 directions. I haven’t been able to see a connection.

    Being new I have no right to make suggestions, but I like the idea of a contest to come up with the best solution to this given all information previously given by Joey. I don’t technically have OCD but can’t stand for a riddle to go unsolved.

  • Crabman

    All suggestions welcome people, can we find the connections intended by the author?

    I’m thinking a room they all would recognize. Woke up from a dream makes me think sedation and hospital. But what connection between those characters and a hospital. The eagle and Cowboys & Indians make me think America. Could it be the Oval Office. They world know to leave to take the door int the cordor of the West Wing. But would the 4 doors in that room have labels?

    What famous’ish room has 4 doors that people would know how to leave?

    Could the answer be simply: “The one marked EXIT”?

    What’s your best solution people?

  • Crabman

    There are people in the room. I believe that there is ALSO a cowboy, Indian and eight-foot man with a pet bald eagle on his shoulder. I believe these are statues, paintings, pictures. I’m thinking it’s something like:

    1) A movie or stage theatre. At the end of a good movie or play, when the lights come on, it can feel like waking up from a dream. They most always have a door in each corner, often with one of them being the main exit. Can anyone think of where the described 3 characters are portrayed at the end of a movie or play? Is there a specific stage/theatre that is decorated with these?

    2) A theme park ride, likely themed for American history. Can anyone think of a ride that ends in the room described?

    Could the eagle be “Old Abe” the most famous bird in American history?

    A riddle writer enjoys seeing people struggle on a difficult riddle, and hopes its not answered immediately, but it’s really dissappointed when an unsolved riddle goes ignored.

  • This one has been messing with me too and I still have no idea of what Joey’s answer could have been. The clues could be NFL football related. New York Giants with Eagles on his shoulder, Cowboys and Redskins. The doors then make no sense as the teams are spread across the USA.

    Then as I thought about it more the whole thing seems surreal. So perhaps the answer is “the fish”.
    Perhaps the answer is “Any door, you will wake up all the same, in bed.”

  • Crabman

    I was thinking football too, and searched for stadiums with these characters portrayed. A bad dream could be the home team losing.

    One of the peices my brain-storming hasn’t anawered is the “very confused as to how they got there”. An actual dream…any door… maybe. Part of me is thinking/hoping that when we find the answer we’ll be “Lol… of course!”

  • barry

    These are all NFC-East players. The Indian plays for Washington Redskins. The Cowboy plays for Dallas. The 8-ft man plays for NY Giants and the Eagle plays for Philly. They all exit the East door.

  • Lets hear it for Barry. Hurray. You are today’s winner.
    I knew it had to be NFL related but I couldn’t make the connection.
    The East door it must be.

  • Crabman

    I never replied back, even though I was encouraging action here. Thank you Barry. For those who believe that sort of thing, somewhere Joey smiled the day you answered this. As mentioned, at the end of the day a riddle writer loves to see someone get the solution.