Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Who’s the Killer?

Bell and Cass were Alex White’s sisters; Dean and Earl were Faye Black’s brothers. (Alex is a man, and Faye is a woman.) Their occupations are listed below:

Alex White: Doctor
Bell White: Doctor
Cass White: Lawyer
Dean Black: Doctor
Earl Black: Lawyer
Faye Black: Lawyer

One night while two of these people were at a party, two were in a park, and two were at a movie, one of the two people in the park killed the other.

The following facts refer to the people mentioned above.
1. A doctor and a lawyer were at a party.
2. The two people at the movie had the same occupation.
3. The victim and the killer were twins.
4. The two people at the party were the killer’s spouse and the victim’s spouse.
5. The victim and the victim’s spouse had different occupations.
6a. One of the two persons at the movie was the former spouse of one of the two persons at the party.
6b. The other person at the movie and the doctor at the party were former roommates (same sex).

NOTE: “Spouse” refers to a person of the opposite sex in a different family.

Which one of the six was the killer?

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8 guesses to Who’s the Killer?

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  • nsnsns

    alex or Cass

  • Dude

    You need to narrow it down to one or the other, and please explain your answer.

  • tasfawe

    bell faye

  • Dude

    There is no Bell Faye. And please explain WHY!

  • Alex is the Victim, he’s in the Park with Bell who is the Killer. Both of them are twins.
    Cass, who is the former spouse of Dean, is in the movie with Earl.
    Dean is in the party with Faye, who is the Alex’s spouse.
    Dean and Earl were once roommates.

  • Dude

    Emeline, you nailed it.

    Dean Black: Doctor husband of Bell White
    Faye Black: Lawyer wife of Alex White

    Earl Black: Lawyer
    Cass White: Lawyer former wife of Dean Black

    Alex White: Doctor husband of Faye Black VICTIM
    Bell White: Doctor wife of Dean Black KILLER

    The killer was Bell White.

    You are today’s winner. Great job!

  • Alex white

    They seem most suspicous