Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Witch Gold is Which?

A witch owns a field containing many gold mines. She hires one man at a time to mine this gold for her. She promises 10% of what a man mines in a day, and he gives her the rest. Because she is blind, she has three magic bags who can talk. They report how much gold they held each day, and this is how she finds out if men are cheating her. Upon getting the job, each man agrees that if he isn’t honest, then he will be turned into stone and around the witch’s mines many statues lay for proof!
One day an honest man named Garry shows up. He accepts the job gladly. The witch, who didn’t trust him said, “If I wrongly accuse you of cheating me, then I’ll be turned into stone.”
That night, Garry, having honestly done his first day’s job, overheard the bags talking to the witch. He then formulated a plan…
The next night, he submitted his gold, and kept 1.6 pounds of gold.
Later, the witch talked with her bags. The first bag said it held 16 pounds that day. The second one said it held 5 pounds. The third one said it held 2 pounds. Beaming, the witch confronted Garry. “You scoundrel, you think you could fool me. Now you shall turn into stone!” the witch cried. One second later the witch was hard as a rock and very grey-looking at that. How did Garry brilliantly deceive the witch?

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2 guesses to Witch Gold is Which?

  • anant

    Garry had actually put 11 pounds of gold in the first bag, 3 pounds in the second bag and 2 pounds in the third bag (making a total of 16 pounds). However, he put the third bag in the second bag and the second bag (with the third bag) inside the first bag. The bags had mentioned correctly what they contained but the witch was turned into a stone, as she accused Garry wrongly of cheating her

  • Dude

    Correct Anant.

    You are today’s winner.