Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Wyoming Danger Hike

Wyoming Danger HikeJoshua is leaving from a small town in Wyoming and hiking through the wilderness to a post where he will spend the summer. The hike will take Joshua six days. One man can only carry enough food and water for four days. Joshua cannot take a mule or any other animal to haul his food and water, because there will be insufficient food and supplies for the animals at his destination.

How can Joshua make it to his destination?

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7 guesses to Wyoming Danger Hike

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  • brent

    He can make multiple trips to camps along the way.
    Day (1 & 2)Take 4-days food one day away (CAMP A), and come home (leaving 2 days food behind)
    Day (3 & 4 & 5) Repeat 2 more times, but stay in the camp on your 3rd trip there.
    Now you have 7 days of food at that camp.
    Day (6 & 7) The following day, take 4 days food one day further (CAMP B), and then return to your CAMP A
    Day 8 take your remaining 3 days of food from camp A to camp B.
    Day 9 you are at Camp B – which is 4 days from your destination post, and you have 4 days worth of food, which you are able to carry. Go to the post on Days 9, 10, 11 & 12.

  • Matt P.

    Josh brings 2 friends, (friend B and friend C)
    Day 1 everyone eats out of C’s pack. Friend C returns home with one meal for the one day trip back.
    Day 2 josh and B eat out of B’s pack. Friend B returns home with two meals for the two day trip back.
    Josh now has enough food to continue alone for the remaining 4 days of the trip.
    Let’s hope josh can make 2 more friends if he ever plans to return home.

  • brent

    Oh, I like your’s too Matt! I guess if Josh doesn’t make any friends, he can use my scheme for a 9-day trip home.

  • Craig

    Take a gun, fishing rod and knife. In the wilderness there should be lots of small game, fish and berries.

  • Margot

    Eat a lot of food before he goes. He calculates it will take 144 hours to reach the destination. Then, he eats and drinks every 36 hours or apportions 1/4 of the food over that time.

  • Sandra

    Leave from a different town where it will take him less time

  • Matt, you are the winner. My answer is different, but you are thinking the same way.
    Joshua takes two other hikers with him. Each hiker starts out with a four day supply of food and water. After the first day, the first hiker gives a one day supply to each Joshua and the second hiker. This leaves the first hiker with a one day supply to go home and Joshua and the second hiker now each have a four day supply again. After the second day, the second hiker gives Joshua a one day supply and keep a two day supply for himself so that he can get home. This gives Joshua a four day supply of food and water, and now he has enough to reach his destination.