Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
December 2023

You Smooth Talker

I am often described as,
A smooth talker who keeps on trekking,
I don’t stop until the end of the day,
That’s why I’m always sweating.

My strength is so immense,
My physique a blood-tangled mesh,
And while fellow knights wear armour of fresh snow spray,
And as they catch and torture prey,
My body really tastes the flesh.

I love to dance and prance around,
My whole life is a party rave,
My only drawback and lack of freedom,
Is I’m tied down at the depth of a cave.

Sometimes when I talk I’m serious,
Often I just roll about,
But when feeling as merry as cupid,
I really start to say something stupid,
I even manage to get my knights knocked out.

I often greet random, unknown people,
Sometimes I have to say bye,
But still I keep on moving in my dampness,
Can you guess – WHAT AM I??


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2 guesses to You Smooth Talker

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  • Ice Princess

    A TONGUE!~ I was thinking “chess” when I saw knights, but the last stanza was what really cinched the word, “tongue” for me.

  • Dude

    You are correct, Ice.

    The knights are referring to teeth.

    You are today’s winner.