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June 2024

There is a Pregnant Mother in the Car

There is a Pregnant Mother in the Car
There is a pregnant mother in the car and she is 26.
She has two kids in the car 15 & 13. Also there is a father that is 31.

Who is the youngest in the car?

Thank you Bella for your submission!

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10 guesses to There is a Pregnant Mother in the Car

  • Crabman

    I presume the politically correct answer is the unborn child inside the pregnant woman.

  • Togram

    I like your comment, Crabman (I peaked), and I concur. I got hung up on whether the 2 kids were the pregnant mother’s biological kids, which would be pretty impossible.

  • Racer X

    The 13 year old.

  • Purvi V Trivedi

    The unborn child inside the pregnant woman’s womb? btw, if those kids were actually her kids, she would have had the first child at age of 11 which is pretty disturbing.

  • Kayley

    The unborn baby inside the pregnat woman

  • Waffle Man

    Togram, it IS possible and I think you might be right. It says, two kids, 15 & 13, but doesn’t specify they mean years. She could be pregnant with two and one is 15 months another is 13 months.

  • Maha

    The unborn baby

  • Waffle Man

    New theory: the kid playing with the toys.

    If you reread the riddle, the whole thing is very baby-ish.
    As I said before, it doesn’t specify years, plus the sentence “Also there is a father in the car that is 31” lacks grammar.

    So maybe there’s a kid in a car playing with these toys and telling about them to her parents.

  • Crabman, you are the winner!
    The baby in the pregnant mother