Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

A Bus Stinker Causes A Real Thinker

At an antique store, a woman purchases an extremely valuable but delicate walking staff made from a single piece of glass that is just over five feet long from end to end (5’1” to be exact). But when she tries to buy a bus ticket to get it home, the clerk behind the counter at the bus station tells her NO OBJECT OVER THREE FEET is allowed on the bus anywhere. “But what if I was blind and this was my cane?” asks the woman. “Well, you’re NOT blind!” the clerk yells back rudely. “And besides, those canes usually fold into pieces so they’re okay. No object longer than this yardstick is allowed on the bus! Understand?” The woman takes the walking staff back to the antique store, and together she and the antique dealer wrap the staff carefully in such a way that she CAN take it on the bus without damaging it and there was NOTHING the bus clerk could do.

What did they do?

Thank you Taylor for your submission!

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3 guesses to A Bus Stinker Causes A Real Thinker

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  • Sampreet

    The dealer fit the staff along the diagonal of a three foot by three foot by three foot cube.

  • Crabman

    The diagonal of a 36″x36″x36″ box is just over 62″. Since the glass staff is 61″ it should fit nicely. in the 3 foot cube.

  • Sampreet you are today’s winner! Crabman your answer is great too.
    Here is Taylor’s illustration of how this one works.