Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

battling against the tide

battling against the tide
A ship is battling against the tide to safety. It uses 9.5 gallons of fuel every hour and sails at 23 mph. It is 34 miles from safety but the flow against it is 12 mph. It has 30 gallons of fuel left.

Will it reach safety?

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4 guesses to battling against the tide

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  • brent

    Yes, assuming the tide is not increasing.

    It is making progress of 11 mph (23 – 12).
    And has 3.15789 hours of fuel remaining (30 / 9.5)
    So it can travel 34.7 miles but only needs to travel 34 to make safety.
    (11 mph x 3.15689 hrs)

    Of the tide against the ship increases, it might be in trouble.

  • Margot

    No, just falls short.

  • Brent, you are today’s winner!
    Yes. And, it there will be .63 gallons of fuel left.

  • Crabman

    With 30 gallons, burning 9.5/hour they can travel for 3.15 hours. 11mph (relative to shore) for 34 miles is a 3.091 hour trip. They would have burned 29.3645 gallons of fuel.

    They’ll make it if a woman doesnt force them to stop for a bathroom break or to ask directions.

    I know it’s already answered, I just felt like thinking it through myself :)