Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Clock Riddle

How many minutes does it take for 22 to move from before to after eleven?


Thanks to Darrin for this entry.

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7 guesses to Clock Riddle

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  • Dude

    That is not the answer we have. Can you show your math Rajat?

  • sapphire

    is it 21 minutes? from 10:40 to after 11 takes 21 minutes?

  • Dude

    Sorry Sapphire, still not the answer I have. Keep trying.

  • Cerberus

    82min, because it goes from 10.00 (2200) to 11.22?

  • jefferson

    D answer is 44

  • Dude

    Alright, this was a submission from a contributor. This one is messing with my brain because the words can have different meanings. The answer I was given was 42. How the contributor came to this answer I do not understand. It is 34 minutes from 9:22 to 9:56 (minute hand just past 11). I like Cerberus’s answer the best after considering the variables and what 22 means. It could be just 61 minutes to get you from 10:00PM (22:00) to 11:01PM (past eleven). Or perhaps 781 minutes from 22:00 to 11:01. Anyway sorry for the confusion, but it was still fun to ponder. Everyone is a winner for taking the time to think.