Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Diamond Jim

Seven friends lost each other in the woods. As they were searching for each other, one of them found a bag of diamonds. When he was counting the quantity of diamonds, one friend reached the spot he was at. Both were happy to find a friend and agreed to divide the diamonds equally between the two of them. After dividing the diamonds equally, they were left with one remaining diamond. At about this time, a third friend also reached their spot. The three friends now agreed to divide diamonds equally among the three of them but once again were left with one remaining diamond. Then came the fourth, fifth and sixth friend but each time the result was the same (one diamond remaining). At last, when their seventh friend met them and they divided the diamonds seven ways, each got equal diamonds with no diamond remaining. What was the smallest amount of diamonds that makes this story true?


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2 guesses to Diamond Jim

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  • Dude

    You’re correct, Steph!

    The answer is 301. With two friends, they recieved 150 each with one remaining, with three friends they received 100 each with one remaining, with four friends, they got 75 each with one remaining, with five friends they got 60 each with one remaining, with six friends they got 50 each with one remaining, but with 7 friends, they each received 43 diamonds with no diamonds remaining.

    You’re today’s winner.