Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
September 2022

Gum Conundrum

Due to rumors that there was a world shortage of chewing gum, everyone was stocking up on packs. By the time I’d got to the store, they had sold out! However, there were two people at the register who had bought four and five packs respectively and they kindly offered to share their packs with me. After the sharing, we all had the same number of packs each and I paid them nine dollars for my packs. How did they share the 9 between them?

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2 guesses to Gum Conundrum

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  • The person with four gave you one, the person with five gave you two, you paid three dollars per pack. Each of you had three packs of gum.

  • Dude

    Correct Jimmy Barcus.

    $3 and $6.

    As there were 9 packs in total, we each received 3 packs.

    The first person therefore gave me 1 pack, and the second person gave me 2 packs.

    So the money had to be shared in the same ratio, 1:2.

    You are today’s winner.