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July 2024

I Live in an Apartment Complex

I Live in an Apartment Complex
I live in an apartment complex with an elevator. In the elevator there is a panel for everywhere the elevator goes. At the top of the panel there are 2 special buttons for Lobby and Garage; below this is a grid of buttons for specific floors. In the bottom left corner is Floor 2, then the buttons increment going up. After it reaches the top, the buttons continue on the bottom right and continue to the top floor at the upper-right.

If the top-right button is twice as much as the top-left button and the button below the top-right button is twice as much as the button below the top-left button.

How many floors does the building have?

Thank you Justin for your submission!

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2 guesses to I Live in an Apartment Complex

  • Togram

    12 numbered floors, 13 including the lobby; 14 including the garage. The caveat is that the apartment doesn’t use #13 for a floor #, so, on the right hand side, the #s go: 8,9,10,11,12,14.

  • Togram, you are the winner!
    Astute readers may have noticed a problem. In math, any two consecutive numbers, when doubled will be 2 away from each other. 5*2-4*2=2, 100*2-99*2=2, etc. But this isn’t true in the world of elevators. Why? Because, all elevators skip a number. There are no 13th floors on elevators. So, the answer is 7*2=14 and 6*2=12 which are consecutive in an elevator. The top floor is floor #14, but the elevator technically only has 13 floors.