Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
August 2022

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2 guesses to I Live in an Apartment Complex

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  • Togram

    12 numbered floors, 13 including the lobby; 14 including the garage. The caveat is that the apartment doesn’t use #13 for a floor #, so, on the right hand side, the #s go: 8,9,10,11,12,14.

  • Togram, you are the winner!
    Astute readers may have noticed a problem. In math, any two consecutive numbers, when doubled will be 2 away from each other. 5*2-4*2=2, 100*2-99*2=2, etc. But this isn’t true in the world of elevators. Why? Because, all elevators skip a number. There are no 13th floors on elevators. So, the answer is 7*2=14 and 6*2=12 which are consecutive in an elevator. The top floor is floor #14, but the elevator technically only has 13 floors.