Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
December 2022

It Took You 5 Seconds

It Took You 5 Seconds
If it took you 5 seconds in the air, and 4 seconds to land.
How long were you in the air?

Thank you Jacob for your submission!

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5 guesses to It Took You 5 Seconds

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  • Togram

    I haven’t a clue, because I don’t know how long it took you to get up in the air, nor how long the “to land” time was taken up in the air, before touch-down. Too ambiguous.
    If you were shot out of a canon, you’d been the air immediately (part of the 5 sec.) If the “to land” meant crashing to the ground after the 5 seconds of airbornness, then the answer might be 5 seconds……

  • Dom Drake

    its one second

  • Muz

    5 second in the air + 4 second to land = 9 second
    Because in the 4 second, it not touch the ground yet.

    Sorry for my bad english :(

  • Dom, you are the winner!
    1 second

  • Jack

    Can anyone please explain how answer is 1 second.