Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
July 2024

Lazy Larry

Lazy Larry agreed to work on a job for his brother-in-law for thirty hours at eight dollars an hour on the condition that he would forfeit ten dollars per hour for every hour that he idled. At the end of the thirty hours Larry wasn’t owed any money and didn’t owe his brother-in-law any money either. How many hours did Larry work and how many hours did he idle?

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2 guesses to Lazy Larry

  • Tiffy

    He worked for 6 hours and he idled for 24 hours.

    30 hours in all x 8 dollars an hour = 240 dollars.

    He idled for 24 hours, so he would have to pay back 24 dollars x 10 dollars per idle hour = 240 dollars.

    So, both of them owe each other 240 dollars which makes them even, so they don’t owe each other any money.

  • Dude

    Very nicely done, Tiffy. Your way adds up perfectly. After re-reading the riddle, I see how you interpreted it as 8/hour for all hours, and -10/hour for idle hours.

    Actually, the original riddle was he only received 8/hour for hours he worked, and lost 10/hour for hours he idled.

    We’ll make it a part one, part two riddle. You have solved part one.

    Now how many hours did he word vs idle if he’s only paid for working hours.

    Good job.