Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Michael Made A Cake

Michael Made A Cake
Michael made a cake, in the shape of a perfect cube, for 64 guests at a recent party.

The inside of the cake was sponge, and he iced the cake with red icing.

He didn’t ice the bottom of the cake.

Michael cut each side of the cake into four equal pieces, making a total of 64 pieces of cake (each exactly the same size).

How many of the pieces of cake had at least 2 of their sides with icing?

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2 guesses to Michael Made A Cake

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  • Andy L

    The only pieces with at least two of their sides with icing are along the edges. Around the top there are four corner pieces and two edge pieces on each side – making twelve in total.

    The vertical edges are four high, but we have already counted the top corners so there are three edge pieces – making another twelve.

    12 + 12 = 24 pieces in total.

  • Andy, you are the winner!
    24. There were 12 pieces on the top layer with at least 2 sides with icing. The other three layers each have 4 pieces that have 2 sides with icing. A total of 24.