Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Mouse Clicks

Emily can click a mouse ten times in 10 seconds. Buzzy can click a mouse twenty times in 20 seconds. Anthony can click a mouse five times in 5 seconds. Assume that the timing period begins with the first mouse click and ends with the final click. Which one of these computer users would be the first to complete forty clicks?

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6 guesses to Mouse Clicks

  • Chris

    It would be a tie because they all keep the pace of 1 click per second

  • Not so, do your math again.

  • Paul

    Since Anthony clicks five times in less than five seconds, he could click ten between eight and nine seconds, twenty between 16 and 18 seconds and forty between 32 and 36 seconds.

  • You’re right, Paul!

    It’s Anthony. The actual period is 1 second less than the time given. Emily completes ten clicks in 9 seconds. Buzzy completes twenty clicks in 19 seconds. Anthony completes five clicks in 4 seconds. This gives us the approximate rates: Anthony: 1.25 clicks/second, Emily: 1.1 clicks/second, Buzzy 1.05 clicks /second.

    You’re today’s winner.

  • Roolstar


    Rason: I was not able to post any replies the last coupl of days

  • Roolstar

    Actually, Anthony is the slowest clicker!!!

    In fact, he can click once every 1.25 seconds and not 1.25 clicks per second

    C = click (duration = 0)
    P = Pause between clicks (duration to be determined)

    Anthony: C P C P C P C P C in 5 seconds => 4P = 5 seconds => P = 1.25 seconds
    Emily: 9P = 10 seconds => P = 1.11 seconds
    Buzzy: 19P = 20 seconds => P = 1.05 seconds

    To complete 40 clicks (at the same rate), they each have to spend 39 pauses:
    Anthony: 39 x 1.25 = 48.75 seconds
    Emily: 39 x 1.11 = 43.33 seconds
    Buzzy: 39 x 1.05 = 41.05 seconds

    Buzzy leads the clickers!