Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
February 2024

Spunky Monkey

A weightless and perfectly flexible rope is hung over a weightless, frictionless pulley attached to the roof of a building. At one end is a weight which exactly counterbalances a monkey at the other end. If the monkey begins to climb, what will happen to the weight – will it remain stationary, will it rise or will it fall? Tell the RiddleDude why.


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2 guesses to Spunky Monkey

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  • Roolstar

    The weight and the monkey will both go up at the same rate towards the pulley and at half the speed of the monkey if it was climbing a fixed rope.

    Sine the monkey and weight pefectly balance each other, the extra force applied by the monkey to climb up (bigger than its weight) will be appplied on both the monnkey and weight and will make then both rise together at the same rate. They would both move by half the distance this extra force would’ve moved the monkey alone on a fixed rope.

  • Dude

    Correct, Roolstar!

    You are today’s winner.