Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
August 2022

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7 guesses to Survivors of the Sinker

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  • Ryan

    52.5 days or correctly stated 52 whole days

  • Ryan

    Assuming 6 days of rations were consumed by the 220 people, before the reduction of one-half = 0.5 is enforced with the increased amount of 275 people.
    Answer = 40.5days or 40 whole day.

    Previous answer of 52.5 or 52 is based off a ration of 0.5 per day from day 1, which is incorrect

  • Nemamime

    24 days

  • Total is 30 days.

    Of the original raitons as of day 6 1,320 had been comsumed of the 4,620, leaving 3,300 to be divided by 275 people at half rations.

    (3300*2)/275 = 24 +6 = 30

  • ((220*21-220*6)*2)/275+6 == 30 ;;;;; Sam got it first

  • Samuel, you are the winner!
    30 days. Originally there was enough food for 220 people for 21 days, which totals 4620 rations. After 6 days 1320 rations were eaten. Therefore there were now 3300 rations for 275 people, which would last for another 24 days at one-half ration per person. Which is 30 days in total from the original sinking.