Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
August 2022

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6 guesses to Toss a Coin Ten Times

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  • kelly

    50%. it’s always 50%, unless the metal in the coin is unbalanced or something. The percent doesn’t stack, making it more likely to land head’s up based on the number of tosses.

    But if it’s landed head’s up 10 times in a row, you might want to find out what it’s made out of, as it’s probably counterfeit or very old.

  • Fulgour

    100% It’s a two-headed coin.

  • brent

    If you’re suggesting a coin toss is 50/50 – then 50%. But if you’re asking me to call the next coin toss, I call “heads”.

  • Kelly you are today’s winner!
    There’s a 50 percent chance it will land heads up. The final coin toss is independent of the first ten tosses.