Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

U2 Concert

U2 has a concert that starts in just 17 minutes and all of the
band members must all cross a bridge to get there. The four men
begin on the same side of the bridge and you must help them to
get across to the other side.

Due the age of the bridge, a maximum of two people can cross at
one time. To make matters worse, it is night-time and there is
only one torch. The torch is always required when crossing the
bridge and the torch must be walked back and forth, it cannot be
thrown, etc. Each band member walks at a different speed and a
pair must walk together at the rate of the slower man:

Bono takes 1 minute to cross
Edge takes 2 minutes to cross
Adam takes 5 minutes to cross
Larry takes 10 minutes to cross

For example, if Bono and Larry walk across first, it takes them
10 minutes to cross. If Bono then returns with the torch, a
total of 11 minutes will have passed. There is no trick behind
this, it is the simple movement of resources in the appropriate


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2 guesses to U2 Concert

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  • Roolstar

    Bono & Edge cross => 2 min
    Bono back with torch => +1 mn
    Adam & Larry cross => + 10 mn
    Edge back with torch => +2 mn
    Edge & Bono => + 2 mn
    Total = 17 mn

    Now for the 10,000 ticket holders…

  • Dude

    You are correct, Rool.

    Bono and Edge cross – 2 minutes
    Bono returns – 1 minute
    Adam and Larry cross – 10 minutes
    Edge returns – 2 minutes
    Bono and Edge cross – 2 minutes
    Total – 17 minutes

    You’re today’s winner.