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May 2024

Which is Greater?

Which is Greater
‘P’ refers to the number of seconds in a day and ‘Q’ refers to the number of hours in ten years.
Which quantity out of these two is greater?

PS: The ten years also contains two leap years.

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5 guesses to Which is Greater?

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  • Howard

    ‘P’ = 3600 (seconds in a day of 24 hours)
    60 seconds per minute, times 60 minutes per hour times 24 hours per day

    “Q” = 3652 ((hours in a 10 years, defined as containing 2 leap years)
    {(10 years X 365 days) plus 2 days}} times 24 hours per day

  • Crabman

    Off the top of my head

    P=86,400 seconds in a day (60x60x24)
    Q=8760 (hours in a year) times 10 yrs is 87600. Add 48 to account for 2 extra days.

    Even without leap years, Q > P

  • Howard, you are today’s winner!
    Explanation: P = 60 * 60 * 24 seconds = 86, 400 seconds. Q = (8 * 365 *24) + (2 * 366 *24) hours = 87, 648 hours. Therefore, Q is greater than P. If the leap years were not counted, results would have been different.

  • sandy

    Result would b same if we Take 10 years without counting two extra days of leap Year

  • sandy

    It would be q>p