Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

You are fired

You are Fired
A king decided to replace on of his ministers without causing too hard feelings. He summoned the minister and asked him to choose one of two folded notes. The king explained that one of the notes says “You are fired” and the other states “You stay.” However, the minister found out from a trusted spy that both notes actually say “You are fired.”

What can the minister do to save his post?

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4 guesses to You are fired

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  • Crabman

    Select one note as his choice, then open the other one.

  • brent

    You could eat one note, and then ask to see what one you didn’t select.

    But if the king wants you gone, it might be best just to go before he decides to resort to methods that will leave bad feelings?

    Maybe it’s shenanigans like this that got me on his bad side to begin with…?

  • Brent, you are today’s winner!
    The minister can do something along the lines of acting like he’s too worried to actually read the note that will determine his fate, then saying, “II choose this note ” as he grabs and eats that note. Then the minister says, “Now please tell me what the remaining note says so I can know which fate I chose.” (which of course is the OPPOSITE of the note remaining in the king’s hands)

  • Margot

    Since this riddle was sent on my birthday, I’ll answer it as if it were I who was shown the folded notes. I would say to the king: “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to still serve you, but since you seem to value my service at one half it’s true value, I choose to go to the next kingdom and give my service to an honest master.