Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Max Gaetanno Mystery Room

Max Gaetanno Mystery Room
Max is trapped in a room. In the room their is a table, chair, 2 doors, and a small hole in the ceiling 12 inches in diameter. Behind one of the doors is an extremely hungry lion that hasn’t eaten in a couple of days. Behind the other door is a glass tunnel that magnifies the sun creating temperatures so high that even opening the door could kill you.

How does Max escape?

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5 guesses to Max Gaetanno Mystery Room

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  • amirtha

    he could use the table and chair and climb out out of the room through the hole.

  • amirtha

    he could use the door which has the magnifying glass during NIGHT.

  • Crabman

    Relax on a chair until you see through the hole that it’s night time, then leave through the door that magnifies the sun during the day. Then start a viral social media campaign about the mistreatment of this poor, starving lion.

  • Amirtha, you are today’s winner!
    Max waits until it is night (he can tell through the hole in the ceiling) then leaves through the glass tunnel.

  • Margot

    He puts the chair on the table near the sun door, opens the lion door, jumps on the table and on to the chair, reaches & opens the sun door as the lion rushes at him, jumps over the lion and out the lion door.