Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Max is On the Case

Max Is on the Case
Max leaves a $100,000 dollar bill on his desk and leaves work. When Max returns the money is gone. He has three suspects: the cook, the cleaning lady, and the mail guy. The cook says he put the money under a book on his desk to keep it safe. They check and it is no longer there. The maid says she moved it when she was cleaning to the inside of the book between page 1 and 2. They open the book and look between page number 1 and 2 but it isn’t there. The mail guy says he saw it sticking out of the book and to keep it safe he moved it to between page number 2 and 3. Once they are done the culprit is promptly arrested.

Who did it and how did Max know?

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6 guesses to Max is On the Case

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  • There really WAS a $100,000 dollar bill, in case anyone is going to jump on that as part of the solution. It featured Woodrow Wilson, and it came from a time when the Federal Reserve needed to move massive amounts of cash around (as they always do) and could not do so electronically as they do now. That said, there’s something wrong with the maid’s story because you cannot slip anything BETWEEN pages 1 and 2 of any book because they are always on opposite sides of the same piece of paper. However, if the money actually WAS between pages 2 and 3 . . . then the maid didn’t steal it. So this mystery isn’t quite there yet.

  • Jolie

    Is it the mail guy?? I think it is because mail men aren’t supposed to go into your house.

  • Jolie

    The mail guy I think, because I don’t think that mail men are supposed to go in your house.

  • Crabman

    The mail guy took the money. Although mostly book start with page 1, flip the page you have page 2 on the left, 3 on the right, there is no rule that said this must always be the case. A book could be printed such that page 1 is on the left, 2 on the right.

    In this case the riddle says they looked between pages 1 and 2, therefore I premime there is a “between page 1 & 2. However, this would mean there is no “between pages 2 &3”. So the mailman did it.

  • Crabman, you are today’s winner!
    The mail guy did it because if he checked between page numbers 1 and 2 page numbers 2 and 3 are opposite sides of one page and could not hold the dollar bill.

  • erin

    the mail guy delivers mail he doesnt come inside and snoop around