Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
July 2021

The Stormy Night

The Stormy NightA teacher in Tallahatchie is all alone on a dark dreary night in late October. Thunderstorms are in the area, the teacher is scared being all alone. A thunderclap pierces the night as she hears a loud bang on her back door. Startled, the teacher slowly enters her kitchen where the back door is. More banging on the door is heard as she sees a silhouette standing at her back door. Someone is trying to break in! Not knowing what to do, the teacher shoots the intruder through the door. Scared and all alone, she opens the door only to find that she shot her husband. The teacher in total shock, takes her husband and heads down to the basement where she submerges him a liquid solution for over five minutes. Still in shock she then hangs her husband from the floor joists in the basement and heads off to bed. After a fitful night of rest, the teacher wakes up in the morning and meets her husband at the local diner for eggs and crumpets.

How is this possible?

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