Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Who Killed the Baby

Who Killed the Baby
A rich family lived in a round house, when the parents came back from their dinner date their baby was dead.The daughter says she was playing with her dolls, the son said he was playing outside in the garden, the maid said she was dusting the corners, the butler said he was watching the son, and the chef said he was baking pies.

Who killed the baby?

Thanks Hanan for your submission!

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7 guesses to Who Killed the Baby

  • Howard

    The maid who was dusting the corners is the red herring here on the basis that the house is round. I think the riddle needs more conditions to make it firmly answerable. I cannot imagine a way of subdividing the house into rooms (with a kitchen for the oven for instance) that would not involve corners. If there are no corners, the maid is clearly lying. The others may be lying as their alibis are not supported.

  • idriss

    the chef because he baked the pie and put poison or maybe the was sleeping

  • Margot Shaw

    The maid…she lied…no corners in a round house….handcuff her!

  • Margot Shaw

    I gave the correct answer, below.
    But, to respond to Howard: Many “round homes exist: Deltec, homes built like silos. etc. I’ve always wanted to live in one.

  • Howard, you are today’s winner!
    The maid killed the baby there are no corners in a round house

  • Michael

    The maid lied (or was mistaken/misspoke) but why does this mean they also killed the baby?