Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Coen Brothers Trivia (part 2)


How big a fan are you? See if you can answer any of these questions without an internet search.

  1. The cabin in Fargo was located in what Minnesota town?
  2. In the Hudsucker Proxy, what was Bruce Campbell’s character name?
  3. Peter Storemare, who appears in both Big Lebowski and Fargo is a member of what band?
  4. Which very famous director began his career as a cinematographer for the Coen Brothers?
  5. Which movie did the Coens win a best picture Oscar for?
  6. In the movie The Big Lebowski, how many characters in the film have the last name Lebowski?
  7. No Country for Old Men is named after the first line of a poem by which poet?
  8. Which Coen Brothers movie soundtrack won an Album of the Year Grammy?

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7 guesses to Coen Brothers Trivia (part 2)

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  • Captain Canada

    4) Steven Spielberg
    6) Two

  • Sorry but, nope on both answers. I will give you my answer to 4, just because you tried. It has to be Barry Sonnenfeld. Sonnenfeld is probably best known, in cinematography at least, as being the Coen Brothers’ first regular DP before their longtime collaboration with British Cinematographer Roger Deakins. His credits with the Coens included their debut Blood Simple, Raising Arizona and Miller’s Crossing; other notable credits as a cinematographer are When Harry Met Sally…, Misery and Big. He moved into directing in the early 1990s with the first Addams Family movie and continued with the sequel, Get Shorty and both Men in Black films, among others.

  • Rachna

    Maybe for 8, O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  • brent

    1) Stillwater Mn
    5) O Brother Were Art Thou
    8) O Brother Were Art Thou

  • Jack

    1) stillwater

    It was sold on ebay

  • brent

    Well, with the help of google:
    1) Stillwater Mn
    2) Smitty
    3) Blonde from Fargo
    4) Barry Sonnenfeld
    5) No Country for Old Men
    6) Four: Jeffery “The Dude” Lebowski, Maude Lebowski, The Big Lebowski & Bunny Lebowski
    7) William Yeats
    8) O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  • Brent solved this long lived unsolved riddle. Thank you and you are today’s multi-winner because I am on vacation in Colorado and haven’t spent time on RiddleDude.