Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

May the 4th Be With You

Atop my head, a crown I bear,
Nearby my crown, two guards uphold,
Life I devour, metals I dissect,
When seen I am, all life trembles,
If opposed I am, a thousand spears rain,
When cornered I am, hornets I unleash,
Yet controlled by thousands I am.

What am I?

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5 guesses to May the 4th Be With You

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  • Luca

    Yoda, due to the way he speaks (the nouns and verbs always switch places in his sentences)

  • Nope, keep trying.
    Yoda told me Teaser #2 features one on Tatooine.

  • Luca

    Ah. So you mean a star destroyer.
    -Atop my head, a crown I bear: That’s the bridge
    -Nearby my crown, two guards uphold: Those are the turrets on the bridge
    -Life I devour, metals I dissect: The star destroyer’s cannons are fit to rip frigates in pieces
    -When seen I am, all life trembles: Star destroyers are one of the most feared SW spacecraft
    -If opposed i am, thousand spears rain: Due to the size and triangular shape, the star destroyer’s Turbolasers, Ion cannons and tractor beam projectors will blot out the sun with one volley! (probably all other stars too)
    -When cornered i am, hornets i unleash: Star destroyers are filled with TIEs (6 squadrons)
    -Yet controlled by thousands i am: Take a 1,600 meters long, 1,050 meters wide spaceship. Hell, the crew you’d have to gather will definitely be thousands.

  • Luca, you are today’s winner. The force is strong with you.
    A Star Destroyer. The crown is the bridge. The guards are the deflector shield generators. The spears are the turbolaser batteries. The hornets are the TIE fighters they carry. The thousands are its crew.