Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024


There are 2 trains heading on the same track at 7:00 on Saturday. They are heading towards each other.

How do they not crash into each other?

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The Man in the Minefield

The Man in the Minefield
There is a man in an open field surrounded by mines. Then, he hears a ticking sound. It grows louder and louder until everything goes black. Then, he sees a bright light.

What just happened?

*hint: he didn’t die

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Who Killed the Baby

Who Killed the Baby
A rich family lived in a round house, when the parents came back from their dinner date their baby was dead.The daughter says she was playing with her dolls, the son said he was playing outside in the garden, the maid said she was dusting the corners, the butler said he was watching the son, and the chef said he was baking pies.

Who killed the baby?

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What Can You Charge?

What Can You Charge?
What can you charge without getting paid?

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It was a normal day at a normal airport. People are passing through the x-rays as usual. Then, a man in a trench coat arrives. When he passed through the x-ray, the alarm sounds. The police walk over to him, and they question if he brought a gun with him. The man replies, “No, I didn’t bring a gun. You can use your metal detectors to confirm me.” So, the police do, and alas! He was truthful. However, the police denied him access to the planes anyway.

Why would they do that?

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I’m Only Here For Youth

I'm Only Here For Youth
I’m only here for youth
Understood by the middle of the life cycle as well
Surreal I could be
Amazing I can be
Funny I am

What am I?

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The Ship That Went No Further

The Ship That Went No Further
Theres a ship and it gets into distress 10 miles from shore and CANNOT GO ANY FURTHER. Nobody on board is a very good swimmer and there are no life-boats on the ship. The entire crew of 5 people makes it safely to shore BY the end of the next day without being rescued or assisted by anyone else. There are no bridges, pipes, or any man made structures connecting the boat to the shore. There are no islands between the ship and the shore.

How did the crew do it???

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How Old Are You?

How Old Are You?
Joseph is 10 years old, Emily is 19, and Carter is 16.

Now how old would they be if they were born 30 years ago?

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Favorite Child

Favorite Child
A woman was asked to pick her favorite child. She said she couldn’t.


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Did I Trick You?

Did I Trick You?
There were 10 people on the ship.
The next day when the pilot woke there was not a single person on the ship.

What happened?

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