Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
December 2023

Acid Flashback

Jody was working near the acid vats one day when she noticed some aluminum on the floor that was quite corroded from some of the acid that had spilled on it. She then made her way to the top of the vat to inspect some equipment. There was a tour and the group just happened to be walking by the vats. The guide pointed to the warning signs on the vats that read “caution: corrosive” and went to move on, but as luck would have it Jody recognized someone in the group and leaning over the railing to wave, slipped and plunged into the vat.
The crowd gasped sure that the Jody would be instantly dissolved by the acid. Another worker rushed over and pulled her out. Jody yelled down “I’m ok”.

The guide remarked that wasn’t part of the tour and asked people to move on.

If Jody wasn’t wearing any protective clothing or had any special protection from the acid, how did she survive.


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3 guesses to Acid Flashback

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  • Ascorbic acid is found in orange juice. It can corrode aluminum. Thank goodness it was not LSD.

  • G

    Jody wasn’t the person that fell into the acid. She was the observer that noticed everything.

  • Dude

    Rodger, your answer is close enough:

    She worked at a pickling factory and fell into vinegar.

    You’re today’s winner.