Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Barber Shop

Barber Shop
You go to get a haircut, there are two barbers, one has a very good haircut and the other has the worst haircut ever!

Which one do you pick?

Thank you Bill for your submission!

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7 guesses to Barber Shop

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  • Peach

    The one with the bad haircut; concluding the two cut each other’s hair.

  • Peach

    The one with the bad haircut, as they probably cut each other’s hair.

  • Peach

    The one with the bad haircut, they cut each other’s hair.

  • Togram

    Obviously, you pick the worst, as he/she is too busy to get it attended to;
    other reason would be that each barber does the other’s hair, so the worst-hair person has done the best-hair’s cutting.

  • Anicka

    The one with the worse haircut, because i think they Made each other those haircuts

  • Peach, you are the winner!
    The guy with the bad haircut – because they cut each other’s hair and the guy with the bad haircut cuts really good but the guy with the good hair cuts really bad.

  • Bre Bro

    Doesnt matter. How good are they at cutting hair?