Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Car Problems

One day last week the RiddleDude left home at the usual time, and began to drive to work. I navigated the side streets without incident and eventually reached the on-ramp of the Interstate. Within about five minutes of leaving my driveway, I was in the flow of traffic doing 75 miles per hour.

All of a sudden I heard this terribly loud bang and I knew at once that my car was un-drivable and, as quickly as I could, I pulled off into the breakdown lane. After checking to make sure that I didn’t need to go home and change my pants, I looked over my car to figure out what had happened. Within about two minutes I had the car in drivable condition, but I didn’t dare go over 40 miles per hour.

At the next exit I got off the highway and drove the back roads to a friend’s repair shop. He looked it over, made some notes, and quoted me $2,500 to fix it. The entire quote was for body work. There were no engine or electrical or tire or transmission or other drive train problems with the car. But here’s the interesting part, my car did not hit anything. It didn’t hit another car, or an obstacle in the road, or a pothole. No parts fell off. Moreover my car was not hit by anything. So, the question is, fellow RiddleDuders, what happened to my car?

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2 guesses to Car Problems

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  • brent

    Maybe your hood wasn’t latched properly and it flew open on the highway damaging the hood itself as well as your roof and maybe your windshield, etc.

    In the 2 minutes you lowered the hood, but then only went 40 MPH to your buddies so it wouldn’t fly open again. All the damage was body damage (and maybe a latch) and nothing had fallen off or hit your car.

  • Yep either the rag top or the hood. It would be amazing if you didn’t notice the hood flying off. The story is vague enough that several answers are available. Brent is today’s super solver!