Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024


What color is not a color?

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5 guesses to Colors

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  • Roolstar

    I assume you mean: What do people commonly mistake for a color although it’s not?

    In that case Black would be the answer. Black is merely the absence of color.

    While white is a combination of all the colors.

  • I concur with Roolstar, but I also consider the opposite to be true. In printing white is the absence and registration black is all the colors combined.

  • Black is the correct answer!

  • Roolstar

    Thanks Rodger, but let me go a bit into details just to rectify a very common “myth”. In fact, I had the same thinking as you did; but then I started thinking about rainbows :)

    In inkjet Printers, black is always a separate cartridge. No colors are used to give the black print on the paper. As for white, no colors are used either; but that is only because the manufacturers consider that it’s wasteful (and costly) to print white on a white paper.

    If you use designer softwares, like PhotoShop or Illustrator, you can test this theory with the RGB sliders (Red, Green, Blue):
    When all 3 levels are set at 0, we get Black (No color)
    When all 3 levels are set at 255 (Maximum value), we get White (All colors on the screen)

    For regular painters, both black and white are readymade tubes or buckets:
    For black, it’s because there’s no color in it.
    For white it’s because it would be extremely difficult to get the exact right combination of the other colors to create it manually.

    I think this also answers the “More Colors” puzzle.