Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Frantic Phone Call

A woman calls her husband to remind him to do the grocery shopping. She asks him a normal question, which if she had asked it twenty or thirty years ago, he would have thought she was crazy. What was the question?

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5 guesses to Frantic Phone Call

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  • Paul

    Call me when you’re driving home.

  • More of a statement than a question but not what we’re looking for. Close, though. Try again.

  • john

    The question she asked her husband was “Where are you?” because she was calling him on his cell phone! And you wouldn’t have done that 20 or 30 years ago because you didn’t have a cell phone back then.

  • Paul

    How about – “Can you believe what President Bush Junior said today, ‘Is your children learning?’ Oh can you pick up some of those Iowa chops on a stick while you’re at the store? And, could you call me when you’re driving down the street, as I have company that will need to leave via the back door.”

  • That’s exactly right, John! “Where are you.” is the exact answer we were looking for, and for the very reason you described.

    You’re today’s winner!!!