Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Full Sized Ice Cubes

You have an old-fashioned refrigerator with a small freezer compartment capable of holding seven ice cube trays stacked vertically. But there are no shelves to separate the trays, and if you stack one tray on top of another before the ice cubes in the bottom tray are fully frozen, the top tray will nestle into it, and you won’t get full cubes in the bottom tray. You have an unlimited supply of trays, each of which can make a dozen cubes.

What’s the fastest way to make full-sized ice cubes?

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1 guess to Full Sized Ice Cubes

  • Dude

    You can make 120 cubes (10 full trays) in the time it takes to freeze two trays. First, fill four of the trays with water and turn the other three upside down and use them to space the four apart. That gives you 48 cubes. Next, empty the four trays and put two ice cubes in diagonally opposed corners of each of six of the trays. Fill the remaining holes — and the entire seventh tray — with water. Using the ice cubes to hold the trays apart, stack all seven (the seventh tray should go on top), and freeze them. You’ll get an additional 72 cubes. You can get 72 cubes for every batch except the first, for which spacer ice cubes are not yet available.