Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Mirror Mirror

As Mrs. RiddleDude was backing her car out of our narrow garage, she accidentally grazed the doorframe—(for the 4th time).

She got out, walked around the car and inspected the passenger side for damage. This time, the passenger side-mirror and frame were shattered into pieces. The dealer wanted more than 500 dollars to replace it. So, she decided to look for a replacement on Ebay.

Miraculously, she found an entire passenger side mirror that was described in detail for her exact make, model and year, and even the same color– and it was less than a third of what the dealer wanted!

It looked easy enough to install. The frame of the garage had actually removed the old mirror, and we could see there were only a few screws holding it on.

She anxiously awaited the delivery, but when the package arrived three weeks later, I realized she was in trouble. Sure enough, we opened it up and there was no way we could make the mirror fit onto her car.

My wife thought she could return the item, but when we checked the listing on Ebay, the part description was precisely correct, right down to the color. Nothing was wrong with the part. It was the passenger-side mirror, right color, same make, same model and same year.

What went wrong?

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5 guesses to Mirror Mirror

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  • Drew

    It was the dealer selling the replacement on Ebay

  • Eevee

    It was the smashed one, wasn’t it?

  • Dude

    Sorry Drew and Eevee, both of you are not thinking the way I am here. This riddle was added by Riddle Dude Joey and the answer has died with him, but I am confident in my answer as your faithful Riddle Dude. Keep trying!

  • anant

    Could it be that it was a car where the passenger side was on the other side

  • Dude

    Anant wins again. I also came up with the possibility that the screws were metric as well as the driver is on the “right” side in other countries.