Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

That Burning Sensation

What burns when it’s dry and not when it’s wet?


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17 guesses to That Burning Sensation

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  • brown grass ,like in california during the summer no rain lots of fires.

  • That’s a good answer, but there are more out there. Any more ideas?

  • Kayla

    your throat?
    it hurts when your thirsty….

  • Boesner

    dry ice, i think it burns, a freeze burn

  • Dude

    Nope, that’s not it. Keep trying.

  • paula

    Dry grass and wood

  • Dude

    As mentioned, wood or grass works. There are plenty of answers to this riddle. Dry ice is a good answer except it does not melt, therefore it is never wet (dry ice turns from the very cold block of ice in to CO2 gas). The answer we’re looking for is not a common one (such as: everything). Keep trying.

  • your skin in the sun.

  • Dude

    Nope, that’s not it either. Keep trying.

  • kyle



    whatever is by the pool

  • Dude

    Great answer, Kyle.

    The pavement would burn your feet when dry, but not as much–if any–when wet. Not what we were looking for, however.

    I am loving the dialogue we’re getting with this riddle. Let me address a few of the answers.

    Obviously, dry leaves (or grass) will burn easily, not so easily when wet. But if the fire is hot enough and you throw damp leaves on it, they’ll eventually burn. Same with wood and to simplify this, like Paul’s answer, pretty much anything.

    Skin I disagree with. You’ll actually burn more if your wet, than dry.

    Throat is a good answer, but just by getting it wet, you cannot cure a sore throat.

    Dry ice itself does not burn. So if you were referring to your skin after touching it, realize that dry ice will never liquefy. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. It will directly turn from solid to gas as it melts, so therefore it’s never really wet.

    There is a follow up question I could ask that may make this simpler. I’m hesitant though, because I’m enjoying the banter.

    Keep going everybody. Think of this question as extremely literal.

  • smileyface905

    a fire.

  • Dude

    Fire is correct!

    Great job, Smileyface.

    Lots of great answers, but “literally” fire is correct.

  • Captain Canada

    A candlewick :)